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Welcome to “Where’s Rose?” – a website and blog devoted to sharing my family’s history, genealogy and oral traditions. Here, you will find stories, photos, documents and research related to both the Belles/Merry family and the Baker/Coomer family.

I’ve also included a category for the Hamilton Asylum for the Insane. It was Rose’s last home – she spent 32 years of her life there. I’m fascinated about asylum history and have a lot of interesting information to share.

I hope you enjoy the site.

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“Finding Rose” – The biography of Rosetta Silverstein Fielden.

“The Gamekeeper’s Secret” – The origins of Thomas Large – head gamekeeper of England’s Holkham estate.

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Who the heck is Rose?

Rose (Rosetta Silverstein Fielden) is a great-great grandmother on my maternal side. I heard her story as a child and carried it with me for decades. In 2010, when I started working on my family’s genealogy, it was Rose’s history that I first wanted to uncover. My obsession with “Finding Rose” led to years of research into her life and the lives of other characters in my family tree. Much of my travel over the past decade has taken me to libraries, archives, museums and graveyards – often with willing family in tow. This work has brought me closer to my family, has fed my curious mind, and has given me a lifelong project of discovery. I am grateful to have “found” Rose and I dedicate my work and this site to her.