George and Alice Merry’s Honeymoon

This picture was taken in 1906-7 in Carthage NY, where George and Alice Merry lived for a short time after their marriage on June 30, 1906. The two had quit their jobs in Utica in order to take an extended honeymoon trip. Camping and fishing their way north, they ended up in Carthage, where George’s father, George Wadsworth Merry lived, as did his sister and brother in law, Jesse and Fred Smith. Jesse and Fred ran a pool hall in town and George and Alice reportedly worked there for a time.

The honeymoon lasted several months. The exact timing is unclear, but they were back in Utica by April 1907, when their first son, Frederick James Merry, was born.

This is a picture of the Merry clan in Carthage. I have absolutely no idea what is going on here! Notice that the entire crew is in drag, with the exception of father, George Wadsworth Merry. Perhaps they ran out of dresses?

Front Row: George H. Merry, Fred J. Smith, unknown, Alice V. Fielding Merry

Back Row: George W. Merry, Jesse Merry Smith, Clara Merry Stafford, Martha Banning Merry, Adelbert Merry.


  1. After studying this picture I believe Adelbert Merry is my great grandfather, George W.’s brother and the unknown person my great grandmother, Julia Snyder Merry. I compared the picture to a picture I have of Adelbert and Julia. It is hard to tell because they are much older in the photo I have and Adelbert being in drag makes it a little hard to compare, but that is my opinion.


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