Expensive Sport

Sometimes when you’re researching your ancestors, little skeletons fall out of the closet. This is a funny example of exactly that.

July 16, 1925 Lowvile Journal and Republican

While on a fishing trip in the Salmon River area of upstate New York, George Merry and his son Fred (my grandfather) were busted by the game warden for taking undersized fish. They paid their fines totaling $257. Using an inflation calculator, I found that $257 in 1925 would be equal to $3733 today. I can’t imagine how pissed Alice was!!!

George, Alice and Fred Merry fishing in upstate New York circa 1925

The article appeared in the July 16, 1925 Lowville Journal and Republican. I’m not sure if the picture was taken during that trip, but Alice was not afraid to go camping and fishing with George Merry.

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