1911 Asylum Staff

A few years ago, I extracted the following information from the 1911 Census of the Hamilton Asylum for the Insane – by then known as the Ontario Hospital. The staff at Hamilton was typical of the Provincial asylums at the time. I think it helps paint an interesting picture of the types of people who lived on the grounds and worked alongside the patients of the Asylum. This census was taken on June 7-9, 1911.

1911 Canada Census of the Ontario Hospital (Hamilton Asylum for the Insane)



So, in 1911, as Rose was approaching her ninth year in the Asylum, there were 3 doctors, 92 medical staff, 52 other staff, and 19 family members of staff. The number of patients residing at the Asylum that year was 1254, cared for by only 3 doctors. Rose is listed on page 7 on the ninth row. She is stilled listed as married, even though James Fielding died in 1906. Other than that, I learned nothing new from her entry.

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