George Harold Merry – For The Record

This is part of a series of “For The Record” posts. Each post will be devoted to one member of our family tree. I plan to compile what I’ve been able to document about the person in a timeline format. I hope it helps to paint a little picture of the lives of these characters.

Relation to me: My Great Grandfather – maternal side

Parents: George Wadsworth Merry and Martha Banning

Siblings: Ida, Ella, Clara, Jessa, Albert, Mina, Bertha, Florence

Spouse: Alice Violet Fielding

Children: Frederick James Merry, Stafford Fielding Merry

Born: September 5, 1882 in Beaver Falls, NY

Lived: 1900 at 32 Taylor Ave., Utica, NY. Works as a “machinist” (per 1900 Utica City Directory).

“Trick” photo postcard of George Harold Merry as a young man.

Marriage: To Alice Violet Fielding – June 30, 1906 (per Utica City Clerk record).

Record of Marriage – Alice Fielding and George Merry

Birth of son: Frederick James Merry – April 26, 1907

Fred James Merry – Birth – April 26, 1907

Lived: 1910 in Whitestown, NY (per 1910 US Census). Address – 637 Whitesboro St. George works as a “machinist” in a “knitting mill”.

George’s first car.

Birth of son: Stafford Fielding Merry – August 15, 1910 (per NYS Birth Index).

Brothers Stafford and Fred Merry

Lived: 1915 in Whitestown, NY (per 1915 NYS Census). Address – 2519 Whitesboro St. George works as “machinist”.

Stafford Fielding Merry, Alice Violet Fielding Merry, Frederick James Merry, George Harold Merry. Circa 1920.

Lived: 1920 in Utica, NY (per 1920 US Census). Address – 707 Chestnust St. Husband, George works as “foreman” in a “knitting mill”.

One of the mills that George Harold Merry worked in.

Lived: 1921 in Utica, NY at 711 Court St. (per newspaper article dated July 25, 1921.

Death of son: Stafford Fielding Merry – July 25, 1921. Eleven year old Stafford was killed in a hit and run accident involving a drunk driver.

Busted: July 4, 1925, with son Frederick James Merry, for illegal taking of undersized trout. The combined fines of $257 is equal to $3733 in today’s dollars!

July 16, 1925 Lowville Journal and Republican
George, Alice, and son, Fred, on a fishing trip in northern New York State.
George with a monster catfish.

Lived: 1930 in Utica, NY (per 1930 US Census). Address – 814 Oswego St. George is a “proprietor” of a “gas station”. Son, 22-year-old Frederick is still living in the household and working as an “office clerk” for the “phone company”.

George and Alice Merry’s gas station at 1500 Lincoln Ave, Utica NY. The couple ran this station from the late 1920s until the late 1940s.

Military: April 27, 1940 – Registered with the Selective Service, though he was never called to serve.

Lived: 1940 in Utica, NY (per 1940 US Census). Both Alice and George work at the “gas station” – George as “attendant” and Alice as “helper”.

Grandchildren. (L to R – Kathryn Hinman Merry, Jane Merry, Mary Merry, Alice Fielding Merry, James Merry, George Harold Merry)

Lived: circa 1950 in Vernon, NY where Alice and George ran The Basket Shop (per Utica Observer Dispatch news article on the couple’s 50th wedding anniversary.)

George Merry in front of the Basket Shop in Vernon, NY.

50th Anniversary Celebration: June 30, 1956. Dinner celebration held at Dibble’s Inn in Vernon, NY.

Utica Observer Dispatch – July 6, 1956
50th wedding anniversary – 1956. Front: George Harold Merry, Alice Violet Fielding Merry. Back: James Merry, Mary Merry, Kathryn Hinman Merry, Frederick James Merry, Jane Merry

Death of Wife: Alice Violet Fielding Merry died May 18, 1960.

Death: February 8, 1962. George Harold Merry was 80 years old when he passed.

Buried: Forest Hill Cemetery, Utica, NY

Gateway to Forest Hill Cemetery, Utica NY.
Merry plot at Forest Hill Cemetery, Utica NY. Buried here are Alice and George Merry, son Stafford Fielding Merry and Alice’s father, James Fielding.

Last Will and Testament: March 2, 1962. George’s estate was left to his son, Fred James Merry.

George Harold Merry’s Will

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