HEADLINE NEWS – 1911 Hamilton Asylum Fire

The catastrophic fire that raged at the Hamilton Asylum for the Insane in August 1911 was huge news in Hamilton, Ontario and all across Canada. The fire cost the lives of eight patients. The cost of the damage to the Barton building was estimated to be $16,000.


The following headlines appeared in various Canadian newspapers on August 1, 1911. It’s fascinating to read the sensational language used back then.

Vancouver Daily World, Vancouver, BC

The Vancouver Daily World, Vancouver, BC

The Victoria Daily Times, Victoria, BC

The Windsor Star, Windsor, ON

The Ottawa Journal, Ottawa, ON


This tragic event became an international story and was featured in newspapers from New York to California in the United States. The following headlines are from newspapers in the States about the 1911 Barton fire.

The Fall River Globe, Fall River, MA
The New York Times, New York, NY

Ithaca Daily News, Ithaca, NY

The Buffalo Commercial, Buffalo, NY

The Buffalo Times, Buffalo, NY
The Baltimore Sun, Baltimore, MD
The Morning Call, Paterson, NJ

The Washington Times, Washington, DC

The Cincinnati Enquirer, Cincinnati, OH

The Harrisburg Daily Independent, Harrisburg, PA

The News Journal, Lancaster, PA

The Times Tribune, Scranton, PA

Muskogee Times Democrat, Muskogee, OK

The Evening Mail, Stockton, CA

The Long Beach Press, Long Beach, CA

The Seattle Star, Seattle, WA

You can read more about the 1911 fire in the Barton building by navigating to “Tragedy at Hamilton Asylum” on this site. Go to:


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