“NATURE BOY” Escapes Hamilton Asylum for the Insane

In July of 1949, in Hamilton, Ontario, a nameless young man who could “run like a deer”, was causing quite a stir in the city. The following news item appearing in the July 30, 1949 edition of The Windsor Star, Windsor ON. It appears that the “fleet footed nudist” was sent to the Hamilton Asylum – not once, but twice – that summer.

(Transcribed below)

“’Nature Boy’ Roams Again”

“Fleet Footed Nudist Escapes at Hamilton”

“HAMILTON (CP) – A ‘nature boy’ who can ‘run like a deer’ is loose again. He is reported to have escaped last night from hospital where he was under observation.”


“The young man, who refused to give his name when captured first July 17, after startling Hamilton by wandering naked in the district, is believed to be about 23 or 24.”

“He was taken from a perch in a tree at nearby Stoney Creek almost two weeks ago when provincial police persuaded him to come down. He was clad only in sandals.”

“Remanded on a vagrancy charge, he was sent to the Ontario Mental Hospital for observation.”

If you are interested in the history of the Hamilton Asylum for the Insane, be sure to check out my other posts on the topic by navigating to the “Categories” section on this site.

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